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What more is planned & to come at Aquatech Australasia?

AQT has purchased & further co-developed Mark’s planned entry into the Water Filtration Market under the NEW Brand name THE WATER WARRIORS.

This opportunity has been worked upon over recent times and is now part of the AQT mantra. It is envisaged that within the near future we will launch our Ultraviolet Water Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Division.

These Units will be BOTH Made in AUSTRALIA and ASIA in conjunction with a well-established Manufacturing source and available in many models and inclusions INCLUDING the WORLD RENOWNED – VIQUA Canadian Made UV Chambers.

These Units are perfect for the RURAL off the Water Grid- WHOLE of HOUSE Tank Water – Dam or Bore Water Fed Home sites.

Our KILLER System called The MONGREL M8 equal to the wonderful & very popular PURETEC Hybrid H7 has also been developed and will save Dealers & their Customers HUNDREDS of Dollars – AGAIN WITHOUT an OUNCE of COMPROMISE !  You can even up-spec the MONGREL M8 to use the Canadian Made VIQUA UV Chamber and its still better priced that the Radfire Powered PURETEC H7. More product for less costs – It’s a NO BRAINER ! … said Mark.

Water Tank Filters
Water Warriors water pumps

Simply put – You CAN NOT beat the capability to Treat Water when using Ultraviolet Technology.

The UV Light system KILLS the most microscopic parasite & cysts.

You should always go with & recommend to your clients the TOP NOTCH Ultraviolet Water Treatment & Filtration Systems if your customer/s are reliant upon Rain Water Harvesting & Rain Water Tank feed.

That is they are NOT feed Mains Water to the home, dwelling, shed, building via the Municipal feed being Treated Mains Water.

Further and in conjunction with the launch of the ULTRAVIOLET Systems referred above, part of the AQT expansion we will be the also launching under The Water Warriors brand a set of Counter Top and Under Counter REVERSE OSMOSIS & replacement filter Water Filtration Units for any and every house – particularly general home Water Tank feed in-conjunction with mains water feed.

That said these Units are extremely powerful at pristine filtering of general water grid feed in EVERY HOME.

They are simple, compact, HIGH END-TOP SHELF QUALITY needing very basic maintenance that doesn’t require a plumber or handyman as the filter canisters can be changed over by anyone in the home – even a 13 Year Old !

The basic yet Upmarket System we propose to offer is the 5 to 7 Filter AQUATECH 787 System/s that comes in a Counter Top / Bench Top ( AE System )and an Undersink – In Draw system ( C System ) should you not have bench space or wish to keep the kitchen free of appliances on Bench Tops.

The AQUATECH 787 System come WITH  or  WITH-OUT Reverse Osmosis – (RO).

  • These Systems are Micro-Computer Controlled, in the A & B Series ONLY.
  • The AQUATECH 787 Series requires a Bench or Draw area of :-                                         15 cm Wide- 42 cm Long and 40 cm High.
  • The Units come with a most elegant Tap- Faucet for Filtered Water Delivery.
  • Built in Booster Pump.

These systems rely on FIVE – ( 5 ) separate Filter Canisters and can be made with up to 7 Filters when customised by adding an extra 2 filters of your customer’s choice. 

The QUICK CHANGE Filter System are I.P Protected by Patents in China, Taiwan & a US Patented Bayonet type fitting that anyone can exchange- NO Plumber or External Handyman help needed keeping costs down

AQT-787AE is a COUNTER TOP Water Purifier ( without RO )

AQT-787C is an UNDER SINK / Draw Water Purifier ( without RO )

The largest System we propose to offer is the ULTRA VOILET &/OR REVERSE OSMOSIS AQUATECH 1001 System/s that come in BOTH a Counter Top / Bench Top and an Undersink- In Draw system should you not have bench space or wish to keep the kitchen free of any form of appliances on the bench tops.


The AQT-ROS-1001A is a Counter Top – Bench Top System is of stunning and super modern appearance and the similar looking AQT-ROS-1001B is the Under Bench – Undersink or hiding in a deep sliding draw System.

BOTH the AQT-1001A Model and the AQT-1001B Models are made using a Reverse Osmosis System backing up the filters.

Having the 5 stage quick change type filters and a built-in holding tank holding 9 Litres of Purified Chilled Water all on stand-by with very aesthetically looks.

It’s the TOP of The RANGE we will be offering with Reverse Osmosis Technology. (Non Ultraviolet Models)

The 1001A System also come with built-in intelligence via a Gel touch panel- press pad for settings and a light digital display.

As an aside – should a Large Group of Pump Retailers and / or Installers wish to approach PLEASE DO.

We are looking at securing BULK Product Supply & special pricing for Buying Groups and offer pricing and a deal 2nd to NONE.

For cash settlements you will be stunned as to what we can do for you on a BULK buy.

We will operate on a Landed COST – nearest Port PLUS Freight to site, warehouse or door, plus a negotiated Gross Percentage Profit of between 10-15% ONLY for a significant sale – you WILL be amazed how many Tens of Thousands we can save you based on a Win-Win Scenario. We welcome anyone’s approach IN CONFIDENCE 24-7-365.

If there is specific product you wish sourced or made, shipped in volume & or container loads again please do not hesitate to ask. Again, in cases like this a limited GPM would be placed on a sizeable shipment where I’m sure again, you and yours will see massive savings without compromise instead of paying though your nose !

We already have a group of 25-30 Rural Pump installers that have had a gut-load of paying through their nostrils – well we are here to help solve that problem and issue.

It's time you stop paying for product though your nose !

Please also REST ASSURED, any approach and after we verify your details, and anything to do with your business, product wishes or even you calling to complain, bitch and vent re others ( be they Pump suppliers etc ) we will always be here to listen & help in EXTREME CONFIDENCE AT ALL TIMES. 

You have zero to lose by taking a look at what we have to offer you, and your Business. 

We appreciate that many are NOT going to place all your eggs into one, ours or any basket and we don’t want you to. What we would like is to be able to build the trust and EARN our working relationships over time and in due course.

So – if you have a large and specific requirement please approach, and again, OUR PROMISE is 105% CONFIDENCE at ALL TIMES. We have not and will never share your requirements in chasing a specific contract with ANYONE EVER ! Put us to the test might you care?

That said as we grow- several may approach us for goods for a specifics and upon same tender or job requirements – again rest assured we PROMISE to remain NEUTRAL and NEVER share valuable intelligence outside our joint and specific negotiations.

We sincerely look forward to working with you via our appointed Master Distributor AQUATICA WATER PUMPS – Series 2 and many others appointed by them, one customer at a time.

In closing – It is truly exciting ! We believe this Disruptor Business Model is timely, and rest assured, both Tim and Mark will give it all they have and then more, to succeed for us ALL including your valued clients.