Aquatech Australasia Pty Ltd


AQUATECH AUSTRALASIA Pty Ltd has all areas of the Value Added Management & Supply Chain well catered for our valued clients

Our overheads are low, we collaborate with the Water Pump Industry – some of our partners with +35 Years’ experience selling to the TRADE.

We run a lean machine and those savings are offered all the way along the supply chain.

It was this very thinking where Mark wanted EVERYONE to WIN – all the way along the supply chain to the CONSUMER!

Mark’s dream & burning desire was & still IS to source QUALITY PRODUCT WITHOUT COMPROMISE every single day !

“So what if it costs a little extra money for TOP SHELF QUALITY – just as long as it is THE VERY BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE.”

From Metal Impellers (Solid Brass or Stainless Steel), Stainless Steel Bodies, Stainless Steel Shafts, Solid Copper Wiring (instead of cheaper aluminium).

Further, premium solid Brass or Stainless Steel Unions (depending on Pump) are always standard, as are Automatic Pressure Controllers with built-in visual face Pressure Gauges and the latest Technology (like built in variable speed controllers etc)

AQUATECH AUSTRALASIA must be certain that the Recommended Retail Prices and Discounts Off List Pricing are fair to everyone along the supply chain – INCLUDING the END USER – the treasured Consumer.

The Brand you will see come forward very soon offering Pump Wholesalers, Pump Resellers, Retailers, Installers etc. will be known as AQUATICA WATER PUMPS SERIES 2.  



Mark, via his vast network soon learnt that some product was marked up significantly by Importers to the detriment of the Reseller & their clients – Mums and Dads across Australia & New Zealand. After many years in the industry and having seen it all, Mark decided to take that knowledge and experience to a NEW business model and source QUALITY PUMPS without COMPROMISE.

At this stage, Mark knew a key success factor for his vision was to enable assured and reliable long term sourcing of products from China.

There are many horror stories of product sourcing from China, and Mark was NOT prepared to take that risk EVER.

To ensure AQT’s supply chain remained true, reliable, culturally integrated and sharing the same vision of quality and value, Mark required cross cultural expertise and management acumen to deliver this critical piece of the jigsaw.

Tim Lai brings +15 years of Sino-Foreign partnership integration skillsets to AQT along with blue-chip corporate experience in senior roles in Australia and Asia, and joins Mark as joint Director of AQT.

With clarity of modus operandi, Mark & Tim are equal partners with common goals and complementary skillsets. As a result, they believe AQT is well-equipped to assist all our partners and stakeholders – be it our Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors and their customers.