Aquatech Australasia Pty Ltd


Our Mission & Vision here at AQUATECH AUSTRALASIA Pty Ltd




Premium Products at Prices which Provide Value WITHOUT COMPROMISE


WE promise to source, import and distribute absolute QUALITY of the highest level at truly remarkable pricing so the Trade, Dealers & Resellers, Retailers and ultimately the Consumer, their very clients, will also WIN !

WE promise to locate & supply QUALITY Product – “ just like offering & selling a Mercedes Benz – yet deliver it for Toyota Camry pricing.”

WE will never forgoe QUALITY to save & keep a $ when better options are available.

WE will always swap plastic for quality metals where possible- be it Unions, Impellers, Casings, Windings, Pressure Controllers etc.

WE subscribe to and truly believe that QUALITY is NOT EXPENSIVE …  It’s actually PRICELESS !

We will build the business slowly, one day at a time, one client at a time. Our clients are Aquatech’s driving force.

Instead of one or two players, we will partner a broad network of independent Water and Pump related businesses across Australia & New Zealand who specialise in offering pumping of water options. We also look to collaborate with INDEPENDENT Wholesalers & Retailers & Outlets focused on the growing the Rural Solar Pump market place, including the vast & growing Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Home based Water Filtration market place. View Here