Aquatech Australasia Pty Ltd


AQUATECH AUSTRALASIA Pty Ltd (hereinafter AQT) is the brain child of our Director Mark Thomas.

After 12+ Years selling some +12,000 Rainwater Tanks and +7500 household-use Pumps into the market, Mark was convinced THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY for distributors, retailers, installers and end-users of water pumps to get a better deal.

AQT’s TOTAL & FOCUSED modus operandi is different to the traditional industry. We’ll import and distribute, and being integrated, will serve the Resellers, Retailers, Installers, Plumbers, Trades etc.

As a result, our Quality and Great Pricing is passed on to their customers & end-users.

NO MORE crazy margins for the Importer – we will work on introducing QUALITY PRODUCT at keen pricing!

We are not and never will be the likes of many current pump Importers and Distributors.

We aim to be a boutique low cost operator, offer quality, thus keen pricing.

Australian Family owned business

The days of excessive marking-up the cost of landed goods are OVER.

In our honest opinion 4 – 5 & sometimes 6 times cost markup or more is simply wrong !

Our theory is to reduce pricing and to sell larger volume of units – a true WIN WIN scenario. Nobody gets hurt.

Mark further states – 

“The goal for the end user is to source and supply QUALITY PRODUCTS akin to a MERCEDES BENZ at TOYOTA CAMRY pricing !”

AQT is proudly a Dual Family Owned Australian Registered Company – owned jointly by the two Directors & Joint CEO’s in Mr. Tim Lai & Mr. Mark Thomas.

You can click here to learn more about each Director:  Tim   or   Mark