Aquatech Australasia Pty Ltd


Mark Thomas

Mark is the joint Owner and Founder of AQUATECH AUSTRALASIA Pty Ltd.

A very motivated, proficient and results driven entrepreneur with 12+ years’ experience in the business of Pumps and Tanks – marketing / primarily distributing throughout South East Queensland & Northern New South Wales.

Mark today is now 100% focused on the outright success of AQUATECH AUSTRALASIA Pty Ltd.  ( AQT )

“ I know pumps – I have the demonstrated experience in the sales of pumps and tanks throughout Australia for over 12 years, having developed businesses from scratch to a turnover of $6 million worth of Rainwater Tank & Water Pump sales per annum. My experience has also encountered many difficulties – but I sure as hell learnt some very valuable lessons that have helped me today and every day “- said Mark.

My grass roots lie as a trade qualified Motor Mechanic, but today my strengths are the ability to identify an opportunity and pursue win-win scenarios to develop business.

Added to this, Mark has many a battle scar he wears with honour granting him Top Level Certification from the University of Hard Knocks and Nasty Lessons. Mark is very “street smart”, well connected with Industry Leaders and Manufacturers & has, like many, even erred at times. They call it character building he says – he is a true believer in where it is Better to have Tried – than to have Never Tried at all.

Another great strength is where Mark has the memory of an Elephant which when harnessed and used for the better is extremely powerful. 

Mark has a few regrets and is truly sorry for some, and while he may have a few foe – he has many a supporter in both the Business World, Pump Industry, Rainwater Tank market place and in his Personal life for which he remains very grateful.

After all before- good, bad & indifferent, Mark remains well-grounded and still pulls his Jeans on one leg at a Time !

This is just one of many Industry Achievements: 2007 – 2008 


At the WHITE INTERNATIONAL 4 Yearly Convention held in beautiful Queenstown New Zealand Mark was awarded & proudly accepted “The Largest Distributor of White International Rainwater Tank Pumps in Australia” for the Year 2007 -2008. 

White International headed up by Pump Industry icon in Mr. Tony Ryba.

Tony is a true Gent & true inspiration to Mark.

White International was started by Tony’s Father under the banner of LONSYD Group some 63 Years ago.

Today White Int. as a Family Company is a + $70m import and distribution operation. We don’t wish to be anywhere near as large an operation as LONSYD Group owners of White International.

Mark has always admired Tony Ryba as a decent & polished business man and hopes he can be, in time, of a similar position.